Wordle Bonus 5 pts

Group A

Embedded Wordle
Explanation of how to use it with students
Brianne McMullen
Wordle: Solar System
I would use this in my classroom at the begining of a lesson on the solar system.
I think it would be a good visual aid for the students to look at and also spark their
interest for the lesson. I would use it also as a list of vocab words. They could see
that some of the main ideas were bigger. I think it would be a fun tool for the students.
Susan Krogstrand
Wordle: STL327wordle
I would use this in my future classroom as a way to introduce myself. It is a fun way
to use technology and to help my students get to know me. Each of my students
could also make one and present it to the class. They could experiment with the website
while getting to know each other.