Wordle Bonus 5 pts

Group 2

Embedded Wordle
Explanation of how to use it with students
Jamie Hilscher
Wordle: thomas jefferson
I thought that you could use a word cloud after learning about a certain person or topic. I chose Thomas Jefferson for my topic. First, students could create KWL on what they know and would like to learn and find out about Thomas Jefferson. Then, at the end of the lesson they could create a word cloud to summarize the key learning points or vocabulary.
Tracy Fruechte
Wordle: Food Pyramid
I would use this Wordle as an introduction to a health lesson on the Food Pyramid. The students would be able to clearly see the topic is the Food Pyramid and then notice the larger words are the different food groups. Students could brainstorm different foods that would go into each group after seeing this Wordle as an activity to lead into the lesson.