Wordle Bonus 5 pts

Group 3

Embedded Wordle
Explanation of how to use it with students
Megan Stoa
Wordle: Nutrition1
I would use this wordle to introduce a lesson on health and nutrition. The larger words symbolize the healthier choices and the small words are foods that should be eaten less often. I think its a great visual for kids to go along with a lesson.
Megan McCallum
Wordle: endangered animals
I would use this wordle in a class when talking about or introducing a unit on endangered animals. I feel this would be a fun way for students to see what some of the endangered animals are. After talking about this topic for a while, students could look up additional animals that are endangered. After this, another wordle can be made in class using the endangered animals that the students found; the two can then be compared.
Kelly Anderson
Wordle: MinnesotaTrees
I could use this wordle to introduce the different types of trees that our native to Minnesota. This could be used when learning tree identification in science class. Each student could create their own wordle about the trees they were able to identify. This site would works great for any lesson that the students would need to list key words or significant parts to a lesson. It is creative and the end product is always exciting to get to see.
Jacob Starkey
Wordle: Describing me!
I would use this wordle to describe the things that I do for fun and also what is important to me. Using wordle, I would have the students make their own word clouds. This way I could get to know all my students.