Wordle Bonus 5 pts

Group F

Embedded Wordle
Explanation of how to use it with students
Ivy R.
Wordle: Classroom Rules
I would use this wordle as an introduction to how I expect students to behave in my classroom.
Amanda Snyder
Wordle: Coaching Philosphy
I will use this wordle when I coach my athletes to help explain my coaching philosophy.
My philosophy is that my athletes will always be prepared, for the game and for life, and I will also
work with my athletes to prepare them. Athletes is the larges word on my wordle, because in practice
and games I want my athletes to be in an athletic mindset. Prepare is the second largest because that
is what practice and games are for, preparing them. There are a lot of words on this wordle, but there is
a lot to being an athlete and a coach.
Ellie Christensen
Wordle: ellie
I would use this wordle as another way to introduce myself to the class. I would talk about what my name is, what I like to do for fun, what I am there for and also what is most important to me!